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 Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., LTD., formerly affiliated to the Aviation Industry Group of China, was commissioned by the aviation industry to develop elevators in the early 1970s to solve the huge elevator demand within the group。In the aviation industry mature control system and superb manufacturing technology support, AVIC elevator from the elevator parts began to research and development, after several years, in the late 1970s, successfully developed and manufactured the first cargo elevator, in the mid-1980s, research and development and manufacture of the first passenger elevator。In the early 1990s, the state vigorously developed the national industry, AVIC elevator responded to the call of the state, from the internal exclusive to the road of foreign sales, and quickly occupied the Guizhou market, becoming the leading brand of Guizhou elevator。In 2018, in order to deeply promote the transformation and upgrading of the company to create a "national elevator brand", AVIC Elevator became a first-level subsidiary of Zunyi State-owned Capital Operation Co., LTD。                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Zunyi Headquarters

Address: Emei Mountain Road, Gaoping Industrial Park, Huichuan District, Zunyi City


Landline telephone:0851-28416279


Contact: Mr. Liu :18683155265(provincial)


Contact: Ms. Xu :15928912394 (outside the province)



Guiyang Office

Guiyang Office Address: No. 4, 10th Floor, Qianqian Apartment, No. 128, Dusi Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City


Landline telephone:0851-85807381


Contact: Mr. Li


Mobile phone:13984055338





Tongren City Office

Tongren City Office address: Tongren City Huangjia resettlement Area 6-201


Landline telephone:0856-5280661


Contact: Mr. Yung


Mobile phone:13017008851






Southwest Sales and Service Center

Southwest Office Address: 1708, Space Science and Technology Innovation Center, Tianfu Street, Chengdu


Landline telephone:0851-28683375 


Contact: Ms. Ren


Mobile phone:13981947656 






Bijie City Office

Bijie City Office Address: No. 112 Guanghui Road, Qixingguan District, Bijie City


邮    编:551700


Contact: Mr. Liu

Mobile phone:18685443467



Anshun City office

Anshun City Office Address: No. 8, Unit 1, Building 306, Xingguang Road, Anshun City (opposite the Central Blood Station)

邮    编:561000


Contact: Mr. Liu

Mobile phone:13885333185



Beijing Office

Beijing Office Address: Dawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing  

Telephone number: 010-66936061


Contact: Mr. Xiong

Mobile phone:13910017146



Guangxi office

Guangxi Office Address: Nanning City Youyi Road Guangxi Poly building materials home market D area office building

邮    编:530000

Contact: Mr. Wang

Mobile phone:18984265428



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